The 'Sucker Punch' Soundtrack: Zack Snyder Explains The Music Behind The Movie

Music is an important aspect of any movie, but in "Sucker Punch," it's absolutely essential.

Director Zack Snyder sat down with MTV News to chat about his latest action epic, which lands in theaters today (March 25), and he discussed the integral role that music plays in the film. As you're likely already aware, "Sucker Punch" deals in multiple levels of reality, and when our heroes slip into that combat space, they do so through a combination of music and Baby Doll's mesmerizing dancing.

"I think the germ of the movie came from when we were talking about this sort of musical number I wanted to do," Snyder explained of the music of "Sucker Punch." "I thought it'd be cool to use this musical number as the spine of the movie, the spine of an action sequence, and then getting in and out of it would be, like, the music would start and that would draw us in. That would be the mechanism for the fantasy to begin, and when the music ended, that would be the mechanism for it ending."

Indeed, while "Sucker Punch" is undoubtedly a divisive movie, the film's soundtrack is hard to argue against. Emiliana Torrini's balls-out rendition of "White Rabbit" draws viewers into the napalm-soaked trenches of World War I, for example, while Skunk Anansie's cover of "Search and Destroy" brings an appropriately frenetic energy to the "Lord of the Rings"-inspired castle raid.

Snyder's abilities as an action director rarely come into question, but if he has one other definitive strength, it's his unique ear for music. Love it or hate it, you won't forget the "Sucker Punch" soundtrack, not by a long-shot.

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