Twitter Says You Have To Be Team Harry Potter, Team Twilight Or Team Narnia, But Why Choose?

What ever happened to young fiction fans getting along? According to Twitter trends today, you are either #TeamTwilight, #TeamNarnia or #TeamHarryPotter. But what if we're all three?

In our opinion, each series definitely has their merits. With "Harry Potter" you have a great story about coming of age and having to conquer the unconquerable obstacles in your path, while in "Twilight" you have love in its purest form and in "Narnia" you have a tale of family that sticks together through thick and thin to do the best for the world around them. Can't we just love them all?!

There are plenty of reasons each of them could count as our favorites, and after the jump we detail why we feel that way. Then YOU can duke it out in the comments section and on Twitter!


It's not just that "Harry Potter" is a great story, because it is, it's that we got to grow up with Harry and his friends. That's an experience unique to the "Potter" franchise for many young readers, and what endears the saga to our hearts. Plus, it really is just a great story.


Edward and Bella, obviously. Okay, and Jacob for all you #TeamJacob kids out there. But really, what’s at the heart of this series is the love and romance that bubbles up through the pages and seeps into our pores, making us wish that we all had someone to dazzle us, vampire or not.


The fact that "The Chronicles of Narnia" has managed to remain such a prevalent force in our pop culture over the past six decades should be a testament to just how amazing this series is. The Pevensie children and their adventures in the magical and metaphorical world of Narnia have us so enraptured that we are still dying to have the next chapter of their saga hit the big screen.


Just you wait, my friends, because winter is coming and once it does, you won't remember that any of these franchises even existed! Bwahahahahaha!

What team are you on and why? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!