'The Bourne Legacy' Casting Search Narrows Down To These Actors

The search for Jason Bourne's successor is narrowing down.

Universal and director Tony Gilroy are on the hunt for their leading man in "The Bourne Legacy," a character that is not Jason Bourne but exists in his same world of covert operations and espionage. An initial short-list of actors made the rounds a few weeks ago, and now, the field of contenders has shortened significantly.

Find out who's about to test for the lead role in "The Bourne Legacy" past the jump!

Joel Edgerton

Deadline reports that Edgerton, soon to be seen in the prequel to "The Thing," is one of the top "Bourne" contenders. The Australian actor left quite an impression following this year's Oscar-nominated "Animal Kingdom," and he's set for an even bigger splash when he appears opposite Tom Hardy in "Warrior." He's a tough, gritty pick for the "Bourne" lead.

Dominic Cooper

Currently best known for roles in "Mamma Mia" and "An Education," Cooper's about to break big in "Captain America: The First Avenger" as Howard Stark, father of Iron Man, and as the vampire Henry Sturgess in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." He's got a wild energy about him that would certainly distinguish him from Matt Damon's super-agent.

Garrett Hedlund

If you saw "Tron Legacy," then you already know who we're talking about here. The erstwhile Sam Flynn could take a breather from disc wars and light-cycle races to compete in the "Bourne" universe, a move that we would wholly endorse for this budding action star.

Luke Evans

Probably the least known quantity on this list, Luke Evans has had his fair share of action roles in "Clash of the Titans" and the upcoming "Immortals" opposite Henry Cavill. Perhaps his relatively low profile actually works in his favor — rather than looking at Matt Damon's successor, we would truly be viewing a newly "Bourne" hero.

Other Picks

There are some other potential actors in the mix according to Deadline, including Taylor Kitsch and Shia LaBeouf. It's also entirely possible that the eventual "Bourne" successor will emerge from someone who isn't on this list. But for now, this is the playing field — what do you think of the top contenders?

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