'Captain America' Trailer Commentary: A Shot-By-Shot Analysis

"Captain America" has thrown his mighty shield, and we're very excited to catch it.

The star-spangled superhero makes his big-screen debut this summer — no, we're not counting the 1990 film, thank you very much — and we couldn't be more excited. We're so excited, in fact, that we couldn't stop ourselves from gushing about the new "Captain America" trailer with some of our colleagues here in the MTV newsroom.

To that end, your shield-slinging Movies Blog editor (that's me, fyi!) and MTV Splash Page's esteemed editor Rick Marshall sat down on camera to dissect the latest trailer from Marvel Studios. Check out our expert commentary track in the video above, and click past the jump for some of the highlights!

Skinny Steve

Pretty surreal to see the miniature Chris Evans toddling around as Steve Rogers, isn't it? The expert movie magic that went into creating "Skinny Steve" helps to reinforce the idea that Cap's origin as a weakling is what gives him such strength as a super-soldier.

(Bowler) Cap's Fan Club

As much as I love Captain America, I have to admit my particular affinity for the crew he's leading, the Howling Commandos. A lot of love goes out to Neal McDonough as the bowler cap wearing Dum Dum Dugan, and I'm very curious to see more from Bucky, Union Jack and the rest of the squad.

Heavy Artillery

Speaking of Dum Dum, there's a moment early on in the trailer where we see him blasting away with a highly sophisticated hand cannon of some sort. Looks like our heroes are getting their hands on some of Hydra's hi-tech equipment, which suits us just fine!

The "Hobbit" Connection

Richard Armitage makes a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance as one of Cap's enemies, warning our hero that he represents "the voice of many." I'm not sure he'll have a huge role to play in the flick, but we'll definitely be seeing a lot more of him when Armitage shows up in "The Hobbit" as Thorin Oakenshield, hero of the dwarves.


Really, it's impossible to discuss every single details of the trailer without boring you to tears, so let me just say this: watching Steve Rogers throw his shield at a room filled with bad guys has me very, very excited for the superhero's July debut.

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