'Sucker Punch' Cast Describe Their Favorite Action-Packed Moments

If the trailers and footage we've seen from "Sucker Punch" so far are any indication, it's a safe bet that this Friday's major release is going to feature a lot — repeat, a lot — of action. And that suits us just fine.

It suits the ladies of "Sucker Punch" just fine, too, as we spoke with leading stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and Jamie Chung about their favorite moments shooting the combat scenes in Zack Snyder's latest action epic. Check out their responses after the jump!


"I think for me it's on the B-25 bomber plane when we're being chased by a dragon and I'm shooting at it. It's pretty intense!"


"I got to do this really fun green-screen moment where I was being lowered upside down on a harness forty feet in the air. I had to clear out my mag on my UMP while I was shooting all of these robots who I was doing a double-flip over on a bullet-train. That was fun!"


"My favorite moment was probably working in the mecha. It was this kind of semi-giant green egg and it was on this mechanical thing that had some movement, but it required a lot of imagination … [so I went into] Zack Snyder's mind!"


"For me, the process of filming World War I was incredible, because we all had solo action pieces and we were able to indulge in them. I loved the moment where you see Vanessa's character flip the tomahawk, and when Jenna flips her gun and it's in slow-motion – it's so cool."


"My favorite thing to watch with my character was probably the first fight scene in the samurai world, just because people said to me, 'Were you just standing there and there was a green screen and they made you look like you were jumping?' No! I was on wires the whole time, jumping up and doing these crazy [acrobatics]. We did almost a month of wirework at the end of the film. It was really cool to see."

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