New 'Hangover Part II' Photo Raises More Questions Than Answers

When you're walking around Bangkok wearing a wicker hat, a denim jacket and a monkey on your shoulder, chances are good that you have a hangover.

The latest photo from the upcoming flick "The Hangover Part II" has hit the internet courtesy of Cine Marcado (via /Film), and it shows our favorite wolf pack standing around a bit puzzled and distracted. But the still raises more questions than it answers, and in our book that means it’s high time for some analysis.

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Does Ed Helms Have His Tattoo?

In the photos we've seen from "The Hangover" sequel Ed Helms has been wearing this exact same outfit when he's sporting his infamous, Mike Tyson-style face tattoo. But unfortunately, in this snapshot, the side of his face that normally has the tattoo on it is facing away from the camera. Somehow we doubt that he's gotten the tattoo already because, first off, we're sure he'd be getting more funny looks, and second, we have a feeling these guys are going to be wearing the same outfits for a large portion of the film.

Has Zach Galifianakis Shaved His Head Yet?

Similarly, all the photos we've seen of Zach Galifianakis from this movie have shown him wearing this same outfit while having lost his signature mop of hair. In this still, he's wearing a wicker hat that's about as fashion friendly as his man purse in the last flick. Either Alan could think that actually is the trendy accessory to wear in Bangkok, or he could be protecting his pasty bald scalp from the Thai sun.

What Are They Doing?

Standing around in the middle of the street staring up while cars drive by doesn't quite give the impression of having an intended plan of attack, so we're guessing that these guys are probably a little confused as to what they're supposed to do next. Maybe they're trying to find Doug again, since he does have a tendency to get lost after crazy nights, or maybe they're just trying to figure out where to get drunk next in Bangkok.

Seriously, Where Did That Monkey Come From?

With the exception of the still of the guys walking through the airport, we've seen this mysterious monkey in almost every official photo from the movie. Who is he? Where did he come from? What role does he have to play? And is going to be half as bloodthirsty and badass as Mike Tyson's tiger from "The Hangover"?

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