DAILIES: Elizabeth Taylor Remembered And More

Elizabeth TaylorFrom "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Cleopatra" to her status as a world-class celebrity, there's no question that we already miss Elizabeth Taylor terribly.

Our friends at Next Movie wrote a lovely piece about Taylor and her impact on Hollywood as a whole, perfectly describing her legacy in saying: "When the memory of today's award-winners and attention-grabbers fades into the ether, [Taylor's] will linger, still electric, forever dazzling. A star." It's a must-read for Taylor's fans and celebrity enthusiasts everywhere.

There are more headlines out there today beyond Taylor's sad passing. After the jump, find out which "Chronicles of Narnia" film is coming next, how you can spend the next year waiting for "The Hunger Games" and what the status is on the developing "Dune" adaptation.

We'll Soon Meet "The Magician's Nephew"

With the first three extra-chronological "Narnia" films in the bag, the big question is whether the series will back-track and cover the novels in the series they've skipped over, or continue on from where they are. According to The Christian Post, Fox and Walden Media are talking about adapting "The Magician's Nephew" next, the story that occurs first in the "Narnia" timeline. More details as they're available.

One Year Until The "Games" Begin

Hollywood Crush pointed out that today marks one year until "The Hunger Games" hits the big screen. A year is a long time, but Movies Blog's sister site has a couple of really great ways to pass the time (including keeping your eyes on us for news and updates).

Paramount Parts Ways With "Dune"

After trying for four years to bring "Dune" to the big screen again, Paramount and the house behind Frank Herbert's seminal science fiction novel were unable to reach an agreement to continue the process of bringing the story to the big-screen. Deadline has the news and discusses the franchise's future.

"Clash Of The Titans" Sequel Gets A Synopsis

But before we get to that, two of our favorites -- Bill Nighy and Danny Huston -- have joined the film as Hephaestus and Poseidon, respectively. Collider posted the Warner Bros press release, which explains that the "Titans" sequel takes place 10 years after the original, where Perseus is living the sweet life as the sole father of his son (no more Io?!) until he finds out that Hades and Ares have plotted with the leader of the Titans, Kronos, to capture Zeus and bring him to the underworld. Unleash the hell on earth!

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