James Cameron And Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunite, But For What Purpose?

SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger is coming back to acting. This we know. We also know that James Cameron is locked-and-loaded for two developing sequels to "Avatar." Throw those facts in together with Cameron and Schwarzenegger's "Brazilian adventure" and you've got… well, a whole lot of conjecture.

Let's pedal back a bit. Last night on Twitter, the former Governator posted a curious photo of himself and Cameron, his longtime collaborator through "Terminator" and "True Lies," huddled around a laptop on an airplane.

"Excited to take off on a Brazilian adventure w/ @JimCameron," he wrote. "Stay tuned for updates from the rainforest."

Schwarzenegger's tweet got us wondering — might that "Brazilian adventure" have something to do with a little planet called Pandora?

Before moving forward, here's your friendly warning that this is most likely just crazy talk — there's no definitive proof to indicate Arnold's involvement in "Avatar," so take this only as my conjecture — but still, it's not the craziest idea in the world.

Cameron and Schwarzenegger have joined forces on some of the best action pictures in the history of the genre, and with Cameron riding high on the multi-billion dollar "Avatar" franchise and Arnold looking to return to the filmmaking game, maybe a trip to Pandora makes sense for both of these old friends. Maybe this trip is an excuse to get the two of them together to talk about how Schwarzenegger could factor into an "Avatar" sequel, perhaps replacing the departed Stephen Lang as the new human villain.

But even if Cameron had an "Avatar" role for his old terminating buddy, would the fans be on board? It's hard to imagine anybody rooting against a Cameron-Schwarzenegger reunion, but is "Avatar" the right venue? Schwarzenegger is such an unmistakable presence that he could easily distract audiences from the flora, fauna and ground-breaking effects that made "Avatar" so special in the first place. Is there really room for all of that as well as the unshakable company of Schwarzenegger? I'd certainly love to see the two of them collaborate again, but I don't think that "Avatar" is the right place to make a reunion happen, and my gut tells me that these guys agree.

So, no, in all likelihood, an "Avatar" collab isn't in the cards. But it's hard to believe that these two won't talk about Schwarzenegger's impending career revival in some fashion during their trip. Maybe Cameron has some advice for the Austrian Oak, or perhaps he's got some ideas for a new property he can get involved with as a producer. Or, it's entirely possible that this is just an excursion between two old friends and colleagues that has absolutely nothing to do with moviemaking whatsoever. (And if so, boooo.)

But no matter the reason, I think we can all agree that it's nice to see these famous collaborators together again.

Would you want to see Schwarzenegger in "Avatar 2," or would you rather him stay clear of Cameron's latest franchise? How would you like to see these two collaborate again in the future, if at all? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!