New 'Sucker Punch' Videos Show Vanessa Hudgens Getting In On The Action

If you thought you'd live your life without seeing Vanessa Hudgens fire an aircraft-mounted machine gun at a ferocious fire-breathing dragon, well, we're happy to prove you wrong.

Five new clips from Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch," in theaters this Friday, have appeared online and we've got 'em all. From Hudgens' Blondie — yes, we're not sure how that name fits our brunette hero either — battling dragons to quieter moments between the five "Sucker Punch" leads, these videos provide us with our very best look at Snyder's latest foray into the pulse-pounding action arena.

Of the videos, only two focus on the film's much-touted action sequences: in the clip called "The Bunker Is This Way," we're treated to the lovely Jena Malone shooting and stabbing her way through a World War I era bunker filled with seemingly soulless steampunk soldiers. In "Take That," we get to see our favorite "High School Musical" star unload an endless barrage of bullets into a hellish beast, proving once again how far she's come from the days of Gabriella Montez.

As much as we love those action-packed scenes, we're equally enthralled by the quieter clips. "You Have All The Weapons You Need" highlights the master-student relationship between Madame Gorski (played by the exquisite Carla Gugino) and Emily Browning's Baby Doll, the hero of our story. In "The First Thing We Need Is A Map," Baby Doll lets her fellow inmates in on her plan to escape, a plan they all agree upon after some initial reluctance from Abbie Cornish's Sweet Pea. Finally, there's "Plotting Against Me," in which Oscar Isaac's Blue blows a gasket over the girls' rebellious plan.

All three of these clips — and even the action sequences, really — show that Snyder's "Sucker Punch" isn't all flashy violence and visuals, but has an equal amount of careful character and story development on display as well. As if it needs to be said, Friday can't come soon enough.

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