'Total Recall' Casting Call: Eva Mendes, Diane Kruger And Others Could Land Leading Roles

Total RecallColin Farrell isn't exactly a dead-ringer for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he'll do his best when he slips into the ex-Governator's shoes for Len Wiseman's developing "Total Recall" remake. And he won't be the only actor following in the footsteps of a sci-fi icon.

Deadline reports that the search is on for the two leading lady roles in "Total Recall." One is Lori, the beautiful wife turned psychotic traitor played famously by Sharon Stone in the 1990 original. The other is Melina, our hero's cohort in attempting to thwart the great Martian conspiracy, played by Rachel Ticotin.

Several notable and lesser known actors are lining up for these characters. Find out who they are past the jump!

According to Deadline, the actresses reading for Lori include Kate Bosworth ("Superman Returns"), Diane Kruger ("Inglourious Basterds") and Eva Mendes ("The Other Guys"). Mendes is also a lead contender for Melina alongside Paula Patton ("Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol").

But the report is quick to note that this isn't a final list of prospective actors, with names like Jessica Biel and Eva Green also potentially in the mix.

It's a big list with a lot of great contenders — Diane Kruger and Paula Patton stand out as my personal favorites, though I'd be happy with just about any combination you could make out of this group. What do you think, though? Of the women listed for the roles, which of these actresses is the best-suited to go toe-to-toe against Farrell on the red surface of Mars?

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