'The Hobbit' Starts Filming, And We Can't Wait To See These Five Iconic Scenes!

The HobbitToday is a good day. "The Hobbit" has started filming, which means that in a year and a half the first part will be hitting theaters near us.

Peter Jackson is responsible for the ground-breaking "Lord of the Rings" films, and now that he's finally working on "The Hobbit," all we can think about are the countless iconic scenes from the "Rings" prequel that are about to come to life. We might be jumping the gun a bit on some of them -- like Smaug's lair and the Battle of Five Armies -- but we've been waiting for these two films for so long that we feel like we have a right to get excited.

Click on after the jump for the five scenes we can't wait to see on the big screen!

Bilbo Meets The Trolls

Remember that scene in the "Lord of the Rings" films when Frodo, the hobbits and Aragon are resting in the shelter of the three petrified trolls? In "The Hobbit," we'll see Bilbo Baggins outlast them all when the trolls turn into stone in the daylight. It's one of the funnier moments in the story, and since we don't have Peregrin Took to lighten the mood in "The Hobbit," we'll have to settle on this for some levity.

Gollum Loses The Ring

We already briefly saw Ian Holm act out this scene in "The Lord of the Rings," and we're excited for an extended look when "The Hobbit" hits theaters. Jackson's going to have to pay homage to the Gollum encounter we glimpsed in "Lord of the Rings," but we're interested to see what he adds to make it fresh and original. As one of the most iconic scenes in the entire novel, this is probably the one we're looking forward to the most.

The Spiders In Mirkwood

That said, we're really looking forward to Bilbo and the dwarves facing off against the giant spiders in Mirkwood before getting into even bigger trouble with the wood elves. This was the part of the novel that scared our pants off when we were kids, and for whatever it's worth, our money's on this scene being the place where the films are split.

Smaug's Lair

Smaug's lair is easily the coolest setting in "The Hobbit," and we're really looking forward to the way that Jackson turns this into something awe-inspiring on the big screen.

The Final Battle

In the book, Bilbo is down for the count for the majority of the Battle of Five Armies and only hears about it in retrospect. Not so in the film, and we can't wait to see him actually be a part of the action (as is promised) in the second "Hobbit" film. The idea of Martin Freeman kicking butt and taking names is too exciting to overlook.

What scenes are you most looking forward to in "The Hobbit"? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!