'Sucker Punch' Patient Files: Amber

Zack Snyder's long-awaited cinematic mind-trip "Sucker Punch" finally hits theaters this Friday. At the center of the story are five women, all of them inmates at the fictional Lennox House for the Mentally Insane. They're also exotic dancers, and ass-kicking warriors as well. The film's most intense action unfolds in a sort of fantasy reality. The less said about it here, the better; what you need to know is that each of the five Lennox inmates get to show off their particular talents during these sequences.

To get you in the mood for Friday's release, we're profiling each one right here on MTV Movies Blog all week. First up is Amber, played by Jamie Chung.


Chung doesn't bring a ton of action experience to the table in "Sucker Punch," but don't let that fool you. She kicks ass and doesn't bother with the names. Why would you need the name of someone you've just pummeled into gooey, red paste? Chung actually got her first break on MTV's "The Real World," and has since leveraged that success to earn a wide range of TV and film appearances. The ass kick-iest of them is probably the ABC Family TV series "Samurai Girl," which puts a sword in her hands and sends her off on a mission of revenge against the Yakuza.


Chung's Amber is a pilot. Whether its got wings, rotors or feet and a jetpack, she can make it do incredible things in mid-air. She'll get you in, provide air cover and get you back out long before the enemy even realizes he's been shot to pieces by raining hellfire.


Amber may be able to single-handedly achieve total dominance in the sky with little more than a mech suit and a full load of ammo, but on the ground she isn't always as sure of herself. Baby Doll's plan to escape Lennox House gives her a boost, but in the end Amber's more human side requires a pretty steady flow of encouragement and guidance.


You've seen it alluded to in the trailer: Amber's moment to shine comes when she pulls a Han Solo in her mech suit during the movie's World War I-esque action sequence.

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