'Super' Star Rainn Wilson Devours Twizzlers And Crushes Dreams In The Latest MTV After Hours

Josh Horowitz has been thrust into some uniquely bizarre situations in his time here at MTV. He's been threatened at knifepoint by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, seduced by Topher Grace and confronted by the odd American accents of the British "Harry Potter" cast.

But through all of it, there is perhaps no greater instance of pure terror and awkwardness than his attack at the hands of the Twizzler-chomping monster known as Rainn Wilson.

In the latest edition of "After Hours," Horowitz got up close and personal with the erstwhile Dwight Schrute to talk about his upcoming movie "Super," a blood-and-superhero soaked genre-bender, but the conversation quickly went to some other dark places. Wilson talked about living in the shadow of Dwight, his favorite voices to impersonate and much more—really, an unspeakable amount of much more. Watch the video and see for yourself, but be warned, you'll never want another Twizzler ever again.