Arnold Schwarzenegger Heads To Television With A Secret New TV Project

Arnold SchwarzeneggerWe're all wondering how Arnold Schwarzenegger will make his return to Hollywood, but perhaps we're looking at the wrong screen.

Despite revealing that he's seriously fielding movie offers now that his days as the Governator are over, Schwarzenegger's return in front of the camera might occur on the small screen, not the big one. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Schwarzenegger is set to reveal details about a new television project during MIPTV Media Market at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Little to nothing is known about the effort — reps for Schwarzenegger would only say that it's "an international TV series" — but all of that changes on April 4 during a press conference at the Hotel Majestic in Cannes.

In reality, that's not such a long time to wait—April 4 is just two weeks away to the day—and it gives us plenty of time to obsess over what Schwarzenegger's planned television series is all about. Is this something he's planning on starring in? Is he just involved in a producer and mentor capacity? Are we talking about a fictional series? A reality show? The possibilities are endless, especially when Schwarzenegger's involved.

If he is heading to television in a starring capacity, it's definitely a surprising move for Hollywood's leading authority on all things action-packed. But TV doesn't have the same stigma it once did, not when shows like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" are telling some of the greatest stories ever told on either screen. Besides, after such a long time away from the camera, who could argue against a weekly dose of Schwarzenegger action? Certainly not us!

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