'Harry Potter' Leavesden Studios Museum Will Include A 120-Room Hotel

UPDATE: According to MuggleNet, there are no plans at this time for any hotel near the Leavesden Studios museum.

Leavesden StudiosIt looks like it's going to become the battle of who can make the coolest "Harry Potter"-themed site to visit: Orlando or London.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter blew us away with its attention to detail and focus on creating the best overall experience for Florida-bound Potterfiles, but then came the news that Warner Bros. is turning Leavesden Studios, the place where all the "Potter" movies were filmed, into a giant "Harry Potter" museum. Soon, the focus shifted away from Orlando and towards London in anticipation the museum's spring 2012 opening date.

Now there's another reason to get excited: according to an article in USA Today, Warner Bros is also planning to build a 120-room hotel to accompany the attraction, though no official date has been set for its completion.

The entire redevelopment is going to cost the movie studio $160 million, and they have the intention of opening the museum's doors before the 2012 London Summer Olympics. USA Today reports that Warner Bros. already has the transformation process underway.

But we're left wondering, is this going to be a "Potter"-themed hotel? The report doesn't clarify, but just imagine this giant hotel, built specifically near the museum, offering fans with a little bit more of that "Potter" magic. How could anyone pass on that opportunity?

When details of Wizard World first emerged, we spoke with Thierry Coup, the senior vice-president of creative development at Universal, about the possibility of a "Potter" hotel. There were no plans at the time, but if a "Potter" hotel pops up in Leavesden, maybe it won't be long before one emerges stateside as well.

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