'MTV First: Robert Pattinson': Five Memorable Moments!

Robert Pattinson never makes it easy for us.

All this week, in preparation for 'MTV First: Robert Pattinson' — the 30-minute live chat with the superstar, which aired tonight — we counted down our all-time favorite RPattz MTV moments. Turns out when it's someone like Rob, who practically churns out memorable moments and quotes at every turn, it's not that easy to do.

Now, once again we are faced with the dilemma of picking which parts of our evening with Rob we liked the best. After much deliberation, and OK, multiple viewings, we finally came up with our picks for the five most memorable moments. Check them out after the jump!

The Elephant Man

Not since Bart Simpson met Stampy has there been a connection between a lad and a pachyderm quite like Robert Pattinson and Tai, the elephant featured in, well, "Water for Elephants." Turns out, if it hadn't been for Tai, Rob may not have been in the movie at all, as he admitted the hulking beast was a huge determining factor for the actor taking the role. During the interview, Rob talked about how intimidated he was by Tai's, um, acting career? "She's done way more movies than I have," he admitted. It seems Tai, who was featured in the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop," made some of the other, er, actors nervous on set. "The [other] elephants are a little intimidated by her," Rob said. "She's very famous in the elephant community." But Tai clearly had no qualms about being around famous folks like Rob and Academy Award-winner Reese Witherspoon. As Rob recalled, one day on set Tai let loose the "most incredible fart into Reese's face...Like a hurricane. Thunderous."

Feeling Green On The Red Carpet

While Rob tends to go dateless on red carpets, we learned there is one thing he often brings with him to a film premiere: a buzz! The actor recalled not one — but two — incidents in which he showed up rather sauced to a movie premiere. Still a relative unknown (yes, there was a time) at the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", Robert, who described himself as "kind of unemployable at that point," walked down Hollywood Boulevard feeling "hungover and bloated," not to mention "so confused and so hot." In short, as he so delicately put it, he looked "like someone just found a homeless person." Still, that didn't stop him from getting in some libations before the premiere of "Twilight." But, between wearing a "tiny suit" and having "a few drinks," the oh-so-self-deprecating star thought he looked like "an old alcoholic."

Talk Jersey To Me

Being the ever-evolving Renaissance Man that is he is (he recently picked up the cello just because and re-learned the piano in mere minutes), Rob also learned some Polish for "Water for Elephants." But as it turned out, it inadvertently sounded a little dirty. "I only know five words in Polish, which were the elephant commands, which were kneel, open your mouth, smile and pray," he said. We can only hope, though, his Polish is better than — as host Josh Horowitz put it — his "American speak." After giving a spirited, albeit slightly-crazed sounding American "Well!," Rob discussed which U.S. dialects he likes the best. The answer? Christopher Walken and New Jersey! The star said he simply couldn't break out of his Walken impression while filming a scene with Peter Facinelli on the "Breaking Dawn" set. Still, it's a New Jersey accent he finds the most fun. In addition to feeling "cool" while doing it, he said he'll occasionally slip into a Jersey accent by accident. Snooki would be proud.

Hey, Ladies!

In case there were any curiosity about what type Mr. Pattinson is into, he made it very clear: "I like hot girls!" When asked what draws him to projects that feature leading ladies like Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman, and Witherspoon, he put it, quite simply: "I like being in movies with hot girls." But that wasn't the only common thread he found connecting all those women. "They're all very strong actually," he said, noting they were all "experienced...and passionate people. They're not just flimsy floozies!"

Getting Thirsty For More 'Water for Elephants'

In addition to the funny and candid chat, Rob had also premiered an exclusive clip of "Water for Elephants". It's a project that's had cinema — and literature — buffs buzzing for quite some time, thanks to everything from its sprawling circus sets to its impressive cast (which also includes Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz). In a short clip, Jacob (Rob) and Marlene (Reese) are fleeing from her husband (Christoph). Aboard a train, the two star-crossed lovers must make a choice to leave together ("He'll find me," she frets, to which he assures her, "You think there's nothing out there for you, but there is. You just can't see it"), and in a small, yet powerful gesture, Jacob takes her hand. "Titanic" was often cited throughout the chat and after seeing the clip, we're now certain another classic love story is about to sweep us off our feet.

What was your favorite moment from 'MTV First: Robert Pattinson'?