Watch 'MTV First: Robert Pattinson' LIVE Right Here, Right Now!

The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here, folks -- Robert Pattinson is officially in the building!

We've been teasing "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" all week long with a countdown of our five favorite RPattz moments, including his very first interview with MTV, his near-kiss with Kristen Stewart at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, his first appearance at the Academy Awards, his thoughts on "Twilight" merchandise and his inadvertently salty language. Now it's time for some new memories, as Robert sits down with MTV's Josh Horowitz at 8:56 PM EST to premiere a brand-new exclusive clip from "Water for Elephants" and to field YOUR questions!

Click the video above to watch the live-stream interview, and for more RPattz fun, head over to Hollywood Crush and read their live-blog coverage of "MTV First: Robert Pattinson."