'Water For Elephants' Clip Sees Robert Pattinson And Reese Witherspoon Running For Their Lives

Robert Pattinson is switching to Team Jacob, but it's not because he's turning his back on his "Twilight" loyalties — in that neck of the woods, he's firmly and permanently on Edward's side of the aisle — but rather because he's assuming an all-new identity as Jacob Janowski in "Water for Elephants," arriving in theaters on April 22.


Rob appeared on MTV and MTV.com tonight for "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," a 30-minute interview between MTV's Josh Horowitz and the "Twilight" hunk where he fielded questions from his fans and premiered an exclusive new clip from "Water for Elephants." But if you missed the show, no worries — we've got that clip right here!

In this exclusive scene from "Water for Elephants," Jacob Janowski (Pattinson) is rushed through a speeding train by the beautiful Marlena Rosenbluth (played by the equally stunning Reese Witherspoon), who is doing her best to get Jacob out of the train and off to safety. What he's running from isn't clear; what is clear, however, is that Jacob doesn't want to leave without Marlena by his side.

"You think there's nothing out there for you, but there is," he tells her. "You just can't see it."

Jacob's words move Marlena into action; although she's initially resistant, she slips her hand into his as the two brace themselves to jump off the train. But before we can see the final outcome, the clip is over — guess we'll have to wait until April to see if Rob's charms are as successful with Marlena as they are with Bella Swan!

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