'Scream 4' Photo: David Arquette Is In Danger

You've made it this far, Dewey, but can you go four for four?

If we're being honest, we're starting to worry about Woodsboro's favorite law man. "Scream" protagonist Dwight "Dewey" Riley has survived his fair share of encounters with the nefarious Ghostface, but can he live through a fourth round against the masked serial killer? If this latest photo from "Scream 4" is any indication, Dewey may have finally met his match.

After the jump, check out the three reasons why we're growing increasingly weary about Dewey's survival odds!

Eye Of The Tiger Pussy Cat

If fear is in the eye of the beholder, then the beholder — Officer Riley — looks like he's just wet himself. Dewey's got his gun drawn in this latest photo, but the look on his face isn't one of confidence; it's one of sheer terror. And if there's one weapon at Ghostface's disposal sharper than his knife, it's fear.

Fright And Flight

Dewey isn't the only one choking back a gasp. In the background, you can see that all of the men and women inside of this establishment (is it a bar?) are all headed in the same direction: namely, straight for the door. But what are they running from?

A Killer In The Mix

The answer to that question could be right in front of us. In the midst of the crowd, just past the railing, we see him bright and clear: none other than Ghostface himself, staring up at the ladder-climbing Dewey. Unfortunately, Dewey doesn't feel the eyes burning in the back of his head. Perhaps he'll feel the blade that's about to pierce his back?

Are you worried about Dewey's survival odds? Is this the final hoorah for David Arquette in the "Scream" series, or are we blowing things out of proportion? You tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!