Robert Pattinson Lets Some Saucy Language Slip In Our #1 RPattz Moment

All this week we've been counting down our favorite RPattz moments in preparation for "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," a 30-minute chat in which the actor will take questions from our own Josh Horowitz and fans like you, in addition to debuting an exclusive new clip from his latest movie "Water for Elephants."

It's not easy to narrow all of Robert's memorable moments down to just five -- so far we've reminisced about his very first interview with MTV, that awkward/sexy near-kiss with Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards, his first trip to the Academy Awards and his thoughts on "Twilight" brand glitter lube -- but our #1 choice was a no-brainer.

Now, we here at MTV get a lot of interesting responses from celebrities during interviews. Sometimes it's a detailed account about their latest venture, other times it's an out-of-left field anecdote that sets the conversation on a very different course. Then there are the times when Robert Pattinson describes something as "bullsh--."

MTV once again found Rob on the red carpet, this time at the Los Angeles premiere for "Eclipse" in June 2010, and, as per usual, the star was surrounded by throngs of screaming, shrieking die hard fans. Rumors had been swirling that Rob, with both parts of "Breaking Dawn" still ahead of him, was looking forward to putting the "Twilight" series behind him.

But Rob was quick to squash those rumors as soon as we brought them up -- and squash them he did with some inadvertantly saucy language!

"That was such bullsh--. I am so pissed off!" he said with mock anger. Then, in an attempt to save face from his verbal slip-up he cried, "Oh sh--!"

See what we mean? Picking any other Rob Pattinson moment would have been total B.S.!

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Tell us what you think of our fifth -- and final -- Pattinson moment in the comments section and on Twitter, and don't forget to tune into the show tonight!

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