'Goon' Update! Jay Baruchel Promises 'Best Hockey Ever Captured On Film'

In addition to the anticipation for "How To Train Your Dragon 2," which star Jay Baruchel called a "Chapter 2," not a straight sequel, another one of the actor's buzzworthy projects is his upcoming bloody hockey comedy "Goon."

MTV News recently caught up with Baruchel at the PaleyFest reunion for his TV show, "Undeclared," wherein we asked him for an update on his pet project.

"I saw a rough cut of it last week and it's phenomenal," Baruchel said. "It's easily the best hockey that's ever been captured on film, it has the most legit fighting that I've seen in movies in a decade, it's damn funny and my fiancee [Alison Pill] is beautiful and amazing in it so yeah, life is great!"

The film revolves around Doug (played by Seann William Scott), a small town bouncer who, after physically defending his best friend (Baruchel) at a hockey game, is recruited to play the enforcer for a minor league team, despite initial misgivings. Alison Pill and Liev Schreiber also star, with Michael Dowse directing.

Baruchel went on to say that while there is plenty of hockey in the film, with nods to the classic "Slapshot," as well as "MASH" even, "Goon" has a lot of heart underneath all the high-sticking.

"Only when people see it will they understand what it is, I can't stress enough how epic it is and how huge the scope of it is, how dark it is and how exceedingly violent it is," he enthused. "And it's not for everybody, but it is a helluva flick."

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