'Scream 4' Photos Reveal One Of The Film's Kills

Ghost Face is at it again, and some new photos released from "Scream 4" show us that things are going to be as bloody as ever.

The "Scream 4" official Facebook page uploaded some new photos from the upcoming sequel, and needless to say there are a lot of knives, shocked faces and ghost masks floating around in them. The movie, which hits theaters on April 15, is set 10 years after the previous three "Scream" films, and that means 10 years worth of increasingly inventive kills from our dear Ghost Face.

At least one of those kills is shown rather graphically in these photos, so if your stomach can't take it or if you want to keep yourself spoiler-free for the flick, we suggest you skip. But for those of you as curious as we are, click on the photo above to see all of the new "Scream" photos, and head past the jump for our analysis!

Bloody Brittany

What's your favorite scary movie? For the ill-fated Brittany Robertson, who we can see hanging from the ceiling in this first photo, it looks like she gave the wrong answer. In case you're wondering how we figured out it was Robertson, we used our powers of deduction to connect the dots based on these behind-the-scenes photos where she's wearing the same outfit.

Gail Weathers The Storm

Courtney Cox and her fellow news reporters look a bit horrified in the next photo, staring up at what is sure to be another terrifying kill. In fact, the woman on the right looks like she's about to get sick.

Ghost Face Killer

Then there's good ol' Ghost Face, who we can always count on to be up to the same old tricks. Oh hey, he's got some blood on his face! And he's holding a knife!

Window Watcher

And he's lurking outside your window in the dark! We're thankful for the constants in our lives (and the "Scream" franchise).

Unlucky Lucy

But the one woman we didn't expect to see holding a knife is "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale. She looks a bit dangerous as she leans over the kitchen counter wielding that blade, but are her knife-fighting skills sharp enough to fend off the horrific serial killer?

Are you looking forward to "Scream 4"? What do you think of these photos? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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