New 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Poster Has Five Treasures Worth Seeking

Pirates of the CaribbeanWhen there's a new poster featuring a full-length shot of Johnny Depp, it's sort of tough to focus on much else.

But once the initial Depp-gawking on the new poster for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" subsided, your faithful Movies Blog team actually noticed a wealth of fun treasures and clues. From a gaggle of mermaids to the Black Pearl set ablaze, these visual trinkets have only enhanced our excitement -- and curiosity -- for the fourth installment of the "Pirates" series.

After the jump, we're picking apart the new "On Stranger Tides" poster by analyzing the five tantalizing teasers worth a second look!

The Little Mermaids

Mer-folk have been surprisingly sparse in the first three "Pirates of the Caribbean" flicks, so when mermaids (and zombies!) showed up in the "On Stranger Tides" trailer, we were hooked (fish pun!). We noticed three mermaids to the left of Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow and wondered if these three particular fish-lady hybrids play something of an important role in the movie. Although we're a bit weary of the topless one staring seductively back at Depp. Try some subtlety!

Lady In The Water: No, Don't Worry, Not That One

"Pirates" newcomer Penelope Cruz is nowhere to be found in the new poster, but there's certainly no shortage of females. If you look very closely past Depp's left hand, you'll notice a mystery woman inside of a wave. Again, we can't help wonder who she is (another mermaid?) and what her part in the fourth film will be.

The Ship, The Ship, The Ship Is On Fire

Some serious stuff is going down on what we believe is the Black Pearl. With the masts on the ship consumed by black smoke and fire, we wonder much longer the cursed boat can possibly sail on.

Two Heads Are Better Than One (Even If One Is Shrunken)

Captain Jack Sparrow is a man of many traits, including accessorizing. In addition to rocking some serious dreads (nice touch with the bandana!), carrying an assortment of fancy weaponry and wearing a bevy of rings, it seems Jack has found another fashion staple: A shrunken head! Right along his belt, a shrunken, gray head with long hair dangles. Is it something to keep Captain Jack safe or did he slay a tiny enemy? Only May 20th will tell.

Captain Jack Is Back!

Okay, our Depp appreciation isn't quite over yet. Seriously, how awesome is it to see Captain Jack Sparrow back in action?! From his guy-liner gaze to the oft-duplicated ensemble (sorry, man at Halloween party, you're no Johnny!), the image is simply a reminder of how and why the beloved actor has made this series so awesome.

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