Robert Pattinson Talks Kissing Kristen Stewart In This Early MTV Interview

In case you missed it, Robert Pattinson fans are in for a big treat this Friday (March 18) when the "Twilight" sensation joins us for "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," a live 30-minute event where he'll premiere an exclusive new clip from "Water for Elephants" and answer many of your questions. Not a bad deal, right?

We're very excited about the RPattz event, and to celebrate the occasion, we'll be here all week counting down our five favorite MTV moments with the worldwide super-star, starting with today's look back at Robert's very first interview here on MTV!

In April of 2008, MTV traveled to the set of the very first "Twilight" film and sat down with both Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the sparkling-skinned vampire and out-of-place teenager at the heart of Stephenie Meyer's supernatural romance saga.

It puts a pretty big grin on all of our faces to see the Pattinson and Stewart of 2008, especially compared to the Pattinson and Stewart of 2011. The early versions of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan we encountered on set that day were decidedly different people from the mega-celebrities we know now — back then, there's no way that either of these stars could have known the astronomical heights they would soon rise to. It's an endlessly amusing look back at the early days of two of today's biggest stars. Enjoy it!

Watch "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" on MTV and this Friday at 8:56 PM EST!

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