The 'Paul' Cast Tackle 'Probing Questions' In New MTV After Hours

Geeks of the world, if there's one point that "Battle: Los Angeles" drove home, it's this: alien invasions are an inevitability, not just a possibility, and we'd be wise to prepare accordingly.

Preparation goes far beyond honing those combat skills for one-on-one alien death matches, too. When we finally meet our extraterrestrial overlords, what are you going to do to stay on their good side? Which aliens are worth seducing into the bedroom? Which ones should you marry? And which ones would be better off dead in a ditch?

MTV's Josh Horowitz asked these all-too-important questions in a new edition of After Hours with the cast of "Paul." Watch the video above to learn why Jason Bateman would kill Neytiri from "Avatar," why Nick Frost would have sex with Chewbacca from "Star Wars" and why Kristen Wiig would seduce E.T., and why just about every single one of them would gladly murder ALF over his insatiable appetite for adorable kittens. As a cat owner myself, I can't say I disagree with that last choice!

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