'The Dark Tower' Expands Its Already Massive Story With A New Novel From Stephen King

The Dark TowerDescribing "The Dark Tower" as a huge, sweeping epic doesn't even begin to justly acknowledge the size and scope of Stephen King's revered fantasy saga. And it's only getting bigger.

In his official newsletter, King made the surprising revelation that an eighth "Dark Tower" novel is on its way, despite the fact that the series concluded after book seven. But King has found a way to expand the adventures of Roland Deschain in the form of "The Wind through the Keyhole," a new book set for release in 2012.

King says the new novel will take place between "The Wizard and the Glass" and "Wolves of the Calla," the fourth and fifth books in the series, resulting in what the author describes as "The Dark Tower 4.5."

"It won’t tell you much that’s new about Roland and his friends, but there’s a lot none of us knew about Mid-World, both past and present," King described of the new story. "It’s not going to change anybody’s life, but God, I had fun."

It doesn't sound like "Wind through the Keyhole" is required reading for "Dark Tower" fans, but we doubt that's going to stop any of them from running to their nearest bookstore as soon as the novel hits shelves. But we can't help ourselves from wondering when, if ever, will this saga truly be over?

Is the forthcoming multimedia adaptation — a massive endeavor that reportedly includes a trilogy of movies and two seasons of television — ambitious enough to cover the entire "Dark Tower" story? Is there anything that could successfully honor every single element this story has to offer? Or is there a point where we'll just have to throw our hands up and realize that the entirety of Roland's adventures won't ever make its way to the big or small screen?

That final thought shouldn't be too troubling for "Dark Tower" fans. After all, Roland's story isn't even completely finished in written form, if King's new novel is any indication. We've got the sneaking feeling that as long as there's still breath in his lungs, King's days of riding with the gunslinger will never truly be over. To that, we say thank ya.

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