New 'The Hangover Part II' Photos Spell Trouble For The Wolf Pack

Hangover 2It was as though Justin Bartha read our minds.

The actor, along with his fellow "The Hangover: Part II" cast mates, sat down with Empire Magazine (via Indie Wire) to discuss the upcoming sequel, acknowledging those who are skeptical about a sequel to the hard R-rated comedy.

"Well your first instinct is to think ‘Sequel—sh---y version of the first film out to make money,'" Bartha said, adding: "As soon as that thought entered my head, I remembered: this is a movie written and directed by Todd Phillips with the cast and crew of ‘The Hangover.’"

In addition to talking about the sequel, the Empire article reveals two new images from the film. Check them out past the jump!

One of our lingering concerns on "The Hangover" sequel has been the apparent absence of Bartha's character for a second time. But the actor offered a promising tease: "Doug isn’t lost in this one. There are similar circumstances, but he’s a little bit more involved."

So what else can we expect from the Wolf Pack? Bradley Cooper, who plays bad boy Phil, revealed that his character and Zach Galiafianakis' infinitely quotable Alan, er, bond a little more this time around. “I’m delighted by the developments in Alan and Phil’s relationship… It gets tremendously physical,” Cooper said. “What you think is the punchline is actually the setup.”

Ed Helms' nervous dentist Stu will no doubt be flipping out once again, and it seems the actor did quite a bit of that on and off camera this time around, particularly because of the film's location. "Bangkok is f---ing cool: romantic and terrifying," he said. "I was afraid I might spin out on some William S. Burroughs-like bender, but I resisted."

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