Get Ready For 'MTV First: Robert Pattinson' Next Friday On!

Whether you know him as Edward Cullen, Cedric Diggory, Tyler Hawkins or any other one of his many on-screen aliases, chances are good that you're at least a wee bit familiar with Robert Pattinson — and if you stay tuned to MTV News, you'll get to him know even better really soon.

Next Friday (March 18), the memorably nicknamed RPattz is sitting down with MTV Movies editor Josh Horowitz for "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," a special live-stream event that brings the "Twilight" sensation to your screen for a 30-minute live interview and the premiere of a brand new clip from his new film, "Water for Elephants."

"MTV First: Robert Pattinson" will kick off at 8:56 PM EST on MTV and when Robert and Josh premiere the never-before-seen "Water for Elephants" clip. Immediately following the trailer's debut, Pattinson is sticking around for an extra half hour to field questions from the MTV team as well as his fans.

How do you get involved, you ask? It's easy — if you've got something you're dying to ask Robert, just shoot your questions our way through or get on Twitter and send your questions to @MTVNews using the hash-tag #AskRob.

Saying that we're psyched for Robert's appearance is a fairly hefty understatement, and you'll see just how excited we are all week next week with a five-day countdown of our favorite MTV moments with the "Twilight" star. We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are!

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