'Mars Needs Moms,' Plus All These Other Nice Earthly Staples

If Mars plans to take our moms, they'll want to start gathering a whole bunch of other Earthly staples as well.

We understand that in the context of the animated flick "Mars Needs Moms" that Mars, well, needs moms, but if they want to keep those maternal forces happy and motherly, they're going to need to surround the imported parents with some things that aren't solely Martian.

To help the Martians in their planning, we've come up with a list of Earthly locations that might help keep Mars' new moms occupied. After all, mothers can be particular sometimes -- just don't tell my mom I said that!

Movie Theaters

Okay, we're a bit biased because we're a movies blog, but there are few easier places to dump a child for a few hours' respite than a movie theater. And also, can you imagine being stuck on a foreign planet without some element of theatrical escapism? We can't!

Amusement Parks

Mars seems like it could be a bit of a drab place, though main character Milo does look like he's having a good time for a while in the "Mars Needs Moms" trailer. Still, an amusement park or even water park (there is water on Mars, after all) could definitely liven the place up.

Fast Food Chains

In my experience, there's no better go-to restaurant to bring a kid and keep them happy than some good old fashioned fast food chains, like McDonalds or Wendy's. Somehow, we've got a sneaking suspicion that a drive-thru Pizza Hut / Taco Bell combo store would do quite well on the red planet.


That being said, those moms are probably not going to feel so great about chowing down Burger King seven nights a week and we don't want fat, Big Mac-loving kids running around the planet, so gyms and other work-out facilities are a must.

A Vacation

How does a monthly vacation to the Paradise Islands of Venus sound to you (we didn't just make up that exotic hotspot or anything)? We're sure moms could use a nice getaway once a month to decompress and relax and not go crazy because of the fact that they were imported to Mars solely to raise even more children. And couldn't we all use a nice vacation?

If you had to go to Mars, what would you want to bring with you from Earth? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!