'Game Of Thrones' First Official Poster Reminds You That In War, You Win Or You Die

Game of ThronesWinter is coming, dear readers, and Sean Bean is inviting you in from the cold.

The first official poster for HBO's "Game of Thrones" hit the web today, giving us just one more reason to tune into the April-launching series. But really, with Sean Bean starring in a fantasy novel adaptation and an Iron Throne front and center, what more convincing do you need?

The poster's tagline -- "You win or you die" -- is a variation on one of the main lines in the series, underlying the idea of the titular game of thrones. If you need some historical context for the action drama, author George R.R. Martin launched the series by drawing inspiration from England's War of the Roses, when the major houses of Britain rose up against each other to try to win the throne of England. The stage is similarly set in the upcoming HBO fantasy series.

Check out the full poster past the jump!

Bean's character Eddard Stark is very much set up to be the central figure of "Game of Thrones," though the series also focuses on several other characters who gradually develop into important players as well. But Bean is obviously the big drawing power for the upcoming program. Not only is he such an established thespian, he's also a well-known fantasy actor thanks to his role in "The Lord of the Rings."

We're barely a month away from the grand debut of "Game of Thrones," and if the previous trailers haven't convinced you already, the new poster should clearly illustrate why you'll want to tune in: this tale is about the politics between the major houses in the fantastical land of Westeros, it's about honor, suspended morality and extreme manipulation on the quest for power. And ultimately, it's about the characters, with some good old fashioned head-chopping thrown in for good measure. We'll see you there on April 17.

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