Check Out The Poster For Mark Ruffalo's Directorial Debut 'Sympathy For Delicious'

Sympathy for DeliciousMark Ruffalo is best known for his leading and supporting roles in dramatic pictures like "Shutter Island" and "The Kids Are All Right," but his career could be in for a change of course.

We're not talking about his turn as Bruce Banner in "The Avengers," either, though that superhero blockbuster will undoubtedly launch Ruffalo's name into a different stratosphere. Instead, it's Ruffalo's upcoming directorial debut, "Sympathy for Delicious," that has our eyebrows raised and our curiosity piqued.

Check out some details about "Sympathy for Delicious," as well as the exclusive premiere of the film's poster, after the jump.

In "Sympathy for Delicious," Ruffalo has crafted what's described as "an edgy rock-and-roll spiritual journey that explores the lasting effects of tragedy, the search for meaning, and the ultimate redemptive power of compassion." Christopher Thornton stars as Dean "Delicious D" O'Dwyer, an up and coming Los Angeles DJ whose life takes a sharp turn when he's paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. With his physical and professional worlds completely destroyed, Delicious D is at an all-time low.

Enter Father Joe Roselli (Ruffalo), a young priest who brings Dean into the world of faith-healing. The damaged DJ learns that he has a unique, otherworldly gift for healing people, though he can't heal himself. Frustrated, Dean uses his gifts to attain fame and fortune, pushing him deeper down the rabbit hole towards a complete personal collapse.

Ruffalo's directorial debut, which features a top-notch cast including Orlando Bloom and Juliette Lewis, arrives in theaters on April 29, 2011.

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