Exclusive 'Source Code' Clips Show Jake Gyllenhaal Saving Lives And Getting Action

Last night, I checked out an early screening of "Source Code," and while I can't tell you much, I can say the sci-fi flick is a very worthy successor to director Duncan Jones' 2009 cliche-defying debut, "Moon." Honestly, though, like "Moon," it's best to go into "Source Code" knowing only the framework.

If you don't already know, the concept is that Jake Gyllenhaal is a solider sent back, via an uber-complicated computer program, to relive the last eight minutes of a stranger's life on a commuter train in a quest to suss out the identity of the terrorist who bombed the train and plans on wreaking much worse havoc soon. Got it? Good!

Ahead of the film's April 1st release date, we're bringing you not one but two new exclusive clips to further entice your cinematic palate yet keep you guessing about "Source Code." In the first clip, Gyllenhaal pauses in his bomb-sniffing duties long enough to get a little sugar from fellow train passenger Michelle Monaghan. Who says there's no time for a little romance when you're on a train loaded with explosives and you've shuttled back in time to save the day?

In the second clip, Gyllenhaal and Monaghan again share an intimate connection, this time centered on that eternal question, What would you do if you knew you only had a brief period left on this earth? Many of you, we have a feeling would answer, Hang out with Jake Gyllenhaal!

And lastly, as a bonus offering, we're also bringing you a brand-new "Source Code" TV spot, if only because, in the spirit of the movie itself, seeing something over and over again is the key to understanding what it's all about.

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