Ian McKellan Has Seen Martin Freeman As 'The Hobbit'

The HobbitAs if you didn't have enough reasons to wish you were Ian McKellan, here's another one: he's seen Bilbo Baggins in 3-D.

The "Lord of the Rings" and soon-to-be "Hobbit" star heard Martin Freeman, aka our next Bilbo, was doing some test shots with the production's 3-D cameras dressed up in character and decided to swing by and see how it looked. According to him, Freeman was "transmuting into a character whose reality will soon be as authentic as his own."

McKellan took to his blog to detail for his fans how "The Hobbit" would look in three dimensions. We already thought he was perfect for the role, but based on McKellan's description, we're even more excited to see what Freeman has in store for us.

"Indeed, there [Freeman] was in the open air, mostly oblivious to the camera, though turning this way and that as required," wrote the erstwhile Gandalf. "Martin improvised a hobbity gait, padding back and forth, testing his big hairy Hobbit feet, pointy ears and little tum."

McKellan also spoke to the 3-D technology he witnessed, saying: "[The] screen showed the familiar 2D image but next to it, above the director's chair, was a large colour screen in full magical three dimensions, much as it will appear in the cinema — courtesy of the spy-glasses that transform the blurred outlines onscreen to the high definition exactitude of the 3D effect."

"Three Bilbos simultaneously, two performances on screen and the actor beyond: which was the real one?" he pondered. "Martin Freeman was transmuting into a character whose reality will soon be as authentic as his own."

What are you looking forward to more: seeing Martin Freeman as Bilbo or seeing "The Hobbit" in 3D? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!