Jeffrey Donovan And Miles Fisher Join Growing 'J. Edgar' Cast

Jeffrey DonovanIf the news of a Clint Eastwood-directed biopic about the life of controversial FBI director J. Edgar Hoover weren't intriguing enough as is, the casting surrounding it certainly has been.

With Leonardo DiCaprio in the titular role, there's a bevy of equally exciting talent on board including Judi Dench in an undisclosed role, Naomi Watts as Hoover's secretary Helen Gandy, Josh Lucas as Charles Lindbergh, Ed Westwick as FBI operative Agent Smith and "The Social Network" breakout star Armie Hammer playing FBI-official Tyde Dolson.

Now, two more names have joined the thrilling project. According to Deadline, Jeffrey Donovan and Miles Fisher are the latest actors locked in for "J. Edgar."

Donovan, best known for his work on the USA television series "Burn Notice," landed the pivotal role of Robert F. Kennedy, while the up-and-coming Fisher will play Agent Garrison, an FBI worker who interviews Hoover.

As this cast seemingly grows by the day (though it has lost some along the way, including Charlize Theron), our interest grows as well. But movies about turning points in U.S. political history featuring all-star casts aren't always a surefire recipe for success -- see "Bobby," for example, or don't. Still, if anyone were to pull this thing off with flying colors, we've got a sneaking suspicion Eastwood is the man for the job. This particular ensemble of actors, including newbies Donovan and Fisher, certainly don't hurt either.

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