Jason Bateman Knows The 'Arrested Development' Movie's Plot, Says It's 'Incredible'

Jason Bateman still hasn't seen a page of Mitch Hurwitz's "Arrested Development" movie script yet, but he has heard a detailed take on the plot straight from the source. Just talking about it has him at a loss for words.

"Yes. It's... yes. It's incredible. It's everything you would want it to be and more," Bateman told MTV News while promoting "Paul," the Seth Rogen-starring alien comedy. " I really hope he finishes it soon so we can have a shot of doing it before the end of the year."

Though Bateman said he still didn't have the update we want to hear (aka "It's done!"), he did say that he had a meeting last week with Hurwitz and they talked about the master plan for the film.

"For the very first time, he sat me down last week to talk abut what he's got and where he's going and what do I think," he said. "As a fan of the show, I was vibrating with excitement that he was pulling me behind the curtain. So I can confirm what his update was, which was that he is very deep into the work on it and the odds of him getting it done before the end of the year, as he says he wants to, are good."

This isn't the first time we've heard that an "Arrested Development" movie is finally on its way. Even Bateman himself explained that he doesn't bring up the topic in interviews anymore -- though he'll politely speak to the subject if it's brought up -- largely because he and his "Arrested" colleagues are embarrassed that it's taken so long to get the movie off the ground.

"It is embarrassing," he conceded. "We are embarrassed." But based on Bateman's latest update, we've got a funny feeling that neither the show's creative team or its many fans are going to be feeling blue for much longer.

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