Daniel Radcliffe Is In 'A Different Sort Of League' Of Actors, Says Gary Oldman

Just like Sirius Black to Harry Potter, Gary Oldman looks on his "Harry Potter" castmate Daniel Radcliffe with a feeling of pride.

When MTV caught up with the actor at the press junket for "Red Riding Hood," it only took one brief question about the "Harry Potter" franchise to get him talking about the impressive acting chops that Radcliffe and the rest of the stars of the soon-ending film franchise have developed over the years.

"He's adorable," Oldman said of Radcliffe. "I love him."

It's not just the fact that Radcliffe was chosen at age 11 to be the title character of one of the largest film franchises in history, or that he did it with flying colors over the next 10 years, or the fact that Radcliffe managed to avoid major problems during puberty and his teenage years like drug addiction or something worse. It is Radcliffe's dedication to his craft that really impressed Oldman.

"He's in a sort of different league, Dan. I don't know many 17 or 18 year olds who would have done 'Equus,' and now he's singing and dancing on Broadway," Oldman said. "[He's] dedicated. He takes it very seriously, and he works very hard."

It's especially the case when it came to Radcliffe's willingness to take singing and dancing lessons before he got the lead role in the Broadway musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," which he is performing in right now. Apparently Oldman and Radcliffe had had conversations about Radcliffe's work ethic when it came to the show, and the 21-year-old actor's commitment to being the best performer he could be really blew Oldman away.

"When I heard that he was doing the sort of dancing going into training and all of that, he said, 'I am not going to rest on my laurels and just come out and think I'm just going to get stuff because I was Harry Potter. Once "Harry Potter" finishes, I'm in the arena just like all those other actors who are going up for the job. Who can dance, who can sing, and do all of those things. And I have to compete with them,' " Oldman said of his conversation with Radcliffe.

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