Jason Bateman And David Koechner Are 'Always Open!' At Denny's In New Online Talk Show

There's nothing Will Arnett or Jason Bateman could do that we here at MTV Movies Blog wouldn't be interested in, even if it's just commercials.

And that's exactly what their venture Dumb Dumb is doing: reshaping our ideas of commercials with the help of College Humor. Dumb Dumb launched in July 2010 with the short film "Prom Date" in promotion of Orbit, and now the duo is at it again with "Always Open!," a new talk show nestled in the comforting confines of your local Denny's.

Surely there hasn't been a better venue for an online video show since Zach Galifianakis set up shop between two ferns, and host David Koechner is making use of the way America's favorite breakfast joint brings out the best in people for Dumb Dumb's newest show. The first episode premiered yesterday with Bateman as its guest.

The topics of conversation: Bateman's need to wash his hands incessantly and how his wife allows him to believe that there are little elves that run around and pick up the stickers off apples that he leaves in the sink. Typical Denny's conversations.

Up next on the list of guests are Kristen Bell, Sarah Silverman, Will Arnett himself, Will Forte and Amy Poehler. Based on the trailer for the upcoming interviews, we're pretty excited -- and hungry for Denny's!

It would be nice to see some of our other favorites from the Bateman/Arnett circle of friends come on the show as well. What we would do for Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera or Andy Richter stop by Denny's, just to see the tables turned... and because we're dying for an "Arrested Development" reunion.

Are you looking forward to the further installments of "Always Open!"? Who would you like to see come on the show? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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