Robert De Niro Says Other Scorsese Projects Won't Delay 'Irishman,' Is Open To 'Uncharted'

When news broke last month that Martin Scorsese had signed up for a fifth collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio in the form of "The Wolf of Wall Street," we started wondering what that meant for Scorsese's planned production with Robert De Niro, "The Irishman."

After finishing up the fantastical 3-D flick "Hugo Cabret," and shooting his long gestating "Silence" about Jesuits missionaries in 17th Century Japan, would Scorsese skip over "Irishman" and head straight into "Wall Street"?

That seemed to be the plan according to multiple reports, but not to De Niro himself. When MTV News caught up with the man during a "Limitless" press day, De Niro told us "Irishman," his eighth collaboration with Scorsese, will still be the director's follow-up to "Silence."

"No," he said when asked if "Wolf of Wall Street" would delay "Irishman. "I think there's one other movie he's going to do called 'Silence,' it's a movie he's always been wanting to do, and he just finished 'Hugo Cabret,' and then we'll do our film."

A request for comment to Scorsese's rep was not immediately returned, but we'll bring you any updates as they come in.

In the same conversation, we also asked De Niro about "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune." At the Oscars last month, David O. Russell confirmed that'd he'd written parts for De Niro and Pesci for "Uncharted," his Mark Wahlberg-starring adaptation of the best-selling video game title. Turns out De Niro hasn't yet read the script, but he's certainly open to the project.

"Absolutely, sure. I'm aware of it," he said. "I haven’t seen it yet. I thought he did a terrific [job] in 'The Fighter.'"

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