Brie Larson Joins '21 Jump Street' As Female Lead

Brie Larsonby Patrick Hester

It was almost three years ago that Jonah Hill first told us about his developing "21 Jump Street" remake, a self-described flat-out comedy he was writing and producing: “It's going to have some of the funniest people around in it, and it's going to be really funny."

He's certainly delivered on his promise in terms of attracting key talent. Since our first conversation, "21 Jump Street" has recruited the likes of Channing Tatum as Hill's co-star and, most recently, actress Brie Larson as the coveted female lead.

Deadline reports that the “United States of Tara” star will play Molly in the Sony Pictures production, also set to star Ice Cube. No word has been released on what type of character she'll play, especially since Hill has been mum about the project for months now. The actress just wrapped up the cop drama “Rampart,” also starring Cube.

"21 Jump Street" has been in development for some time now, but it looks like the pieces are finally falling in place. Indeed, Jonah's targeted date to start shooting in 2011 is looking likelier and likelier every day.

With all these casting additions, the question still remains: where is Johnny Depp? With Larson’s name attached, many of the key lead roles have been filled with hot young talent similar to the original Depp-starring series, but so far, no Depp himself. That's not because of a lack of interest on his part, either, as the actor told MTV last December that he’s “in” for a cameo in the film. We already know that Hill is on board, and we're sure Larson and Tatum would be happy to have him as well.

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