'G.I. Joe 2' Makes Major Cast Changes, And Here Are Some Suggestions

G.I. Joe"Never Say Never" director Jon Chu is in negotiations to direct "G.I. Joe 2," and that's not the only controversial move that Paramount's making for the developing sequel.

Last week, actress Rachel Nichols revealed that only three Joes — Duke (Channing Tatum), Snake-Eyes (Ray Park) and Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee) — are reprising their roles for the sequel. That's right, the erstwhile Scarlett is seemingly out of the picture, with Heavy Duty and the rest of the Joes' fates hanging in the balance as well.

Some fans are likely furious about the apparent absence of their favorite Joes from the sequel. Personally, I'd like to see some returning faces as well. But if there's one thing that the "G.I. Joe" franchise has, it's a deep catalogue of characters. Even without Scarlett and the gang, there's no shortage of heroes the sequel could recruit into its fold.

After the jump, check out the "G.I. Joe" characters we're eager to see in the sequel!

Flint & Lady Jaye

You can't have one without the other. With the sequel presumably putting the Scarlett-Ripcord and Duke-Baroness relationships on the shelf, "G.I. Joe 2" could get its romance fix by focusing on one of the most popular relationships the franchise has to offer. It doesn't hurt that Flint and Lady Jaye are totally badass on their own, either!


I'm still not sure why the iconic Roadblock was sidelined from "Rise of Cobra," and I don't care, as long as he's in the sequel. As others have suggested, Terry Crews is the man for the job. Hey Jon Chu, we're looking at you!


The seafaring Joe risks coming across as cheesy, but there are ways to make the sharp-tongued Shipwreck work — like casting Dwayne Johnson in the role, a casting rumor that dates all the way back to 2008. The Rock or a similarly-minded actor would absolutely crush it as Shipwreck.


The absence of our familiar Joes means we're getting some new blood for the sequel, and you know what that means — they need a drill instructor. No one else can fill that role other than the tough-talking Beachhead. Well, almost no one, but I think it's still a little early for that Sgt. Slaughter cameo.

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