POLL: What Do You Think Of The 'Blade Runner' Revival?

Blade Runner"Blade Runner" is making its way back into theaters with new sequels and prequels courtesy of Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment. A surprising announcement, to say the least, but equally surprising is the strong reaction we've been hearing from "Blade Runner" fans.

Some of you love this news. Some of you hate it. Either way, chances are good that if you count yourself among the many faithful "Blade Runner" loyalists, you've got an opinion on the developing continuation of the science fiction franchise.

So, what do you think? We want to hear from you, "Blade Runner" fans, so click past the jump to vote in our poll and let us know how you're reacting to the series' impending resurrection.

For my part, I'm somewhat torn on the subject. The possibilities are quite literally boundless when it comes to the "Blade Runner" universe, an expansive world filled with compelling science fiction elements that could certainly stand a modern day technological makeover. Indeed, with the tools that are currently at the film industry's disposal, it almost feels like a wasted opportunity not to revisit "Blade Runner" in some capacity.

Then again, is that reason enough to retread on a classic piece of sci-fi filmmaking? Ridley Scott's 1982 adaptation of the Philip K. Dick story has so much interest behind it precisely because it was a beautiful, quiet and understated work, marrying big budget concepts and visuals with a small-scale, intimate story. That's part of the poetry of "Blade Runner," its isolated tale, its reserved nature, its anti-franchise mentality. Blossoming "Blade Runner" into an even bigger world with sequels and prequels risks the possibility of ruining what we loved about the original film.

In the end, like all things, it's a gamble. A "Blade Runner" revival could pan out as a huge success or a massive failure. It largely depends on the execution and the fan base's willingness to reexplore this world, but really, it's a coin flip. So, let's get the opinions from you guys: what do you think of the "Blade Runner" return? Are you excited? Are you appalled? Let us know in the poll below and explain your stance in the comments section or on Twitter!

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