SXSW EXCLUSIVE: Rachael Harris Puts A Price On Family In New 'Natural Selection' Clip And Poster

Families aren't supposed to get along. Not all the time, at least. In-fighting and pettiness is par for the course when it comes to the interpersonal politics of family life, but in "Natural Selection," that dreadful sense of awkwardness and insecurity is explored at a wholly unusual level.

"Natural Selection," which premieres at the South by Southwest Film Festival kicking off next week, focuses on Linda White (played by comedian Rachael Harris), a barren Christian housewife who can only watch as her husband wastes away on his deathbed. But the dying man makes a startling confession: he has a 23-year-old illegitimate son, Raymond (Matt O'Leary), and he wants to see him before he dies.

The shockingly sympathetic Linda agrees to her husband's request and sets off on a road trip that takes her all the way from Texas and straight to Raymond's front door. We proudly present the results of that trip to our MTV readers in the exclusive clip above.

In the clip, Linda reaches a house belonging to Raymond, or so she believes. When she arrives, she confronts a foul-mouthed tenant who refuses to listen to any of her "Jesus s---" and won't open the door without some compensation. If this is indeed Raymond, it appears that even family isn't without its monetary price.

The clip isn't the only piece of "Natural Selection" goodness we've got for you today, folks. Check out an exclusive poster from the film below as well!

"Natural Selection" premieres at the SXSW film festival next week. Are you planning on seeing it? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!