'Percy Jackson & The Olympians' Sequel Could Take Shape With 'The Sea Of Monsters'

Percy JacksonCalling all "Percy Jackson" fans: if you were worried that his big screen adventures would end with "The Lightning Thief," start getting excited -- it looks like our hero is swimming towards a sea of monsters very soon.

The Los Angeles Times has learned that Fox 2000 is planning a follow-up to "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief." The first film was a modest hit that did a bit better overseas than it did in the States, but the Times is saying Fox is banking on the book series' massive fanbase in creating the next adaptation.

According to the report, the plan is to get production underway by the summer, with leading cast members like Logan Lerman returning to the series. That being said, the film is in very early stages and doesn't even have a director attached (Chris Columbus isn't expected to return), but the film could be a good way to fill the void post-"Harry Potter" and "Twilight."

The second novel, "Sea of Monsters," follows Percy and his friends as they head to the titular sea to find the mythical Golden Fleece on the island of Polyphemus in order to save their camp for demigods, Camp Half-Blood.

There are plenty of fun new mythological creatures we could see if a new film makes its way to theaters. There's Scylla and Charybdis, the Sirens and Circe, and, of course, Polyphemus. Those roles would likely attract some notable names, considering everyone from Uma Thurman to Sean Bean to Pierce Brosnan joined in for "The Lightning Thief."

But, again, the plan to make "Sea of Monsters" is supposedly in very, very early stages. And, even if filming does get underway this summer, it would probably take at least another year until it arrived in theaters. Still, there's a big open space after "Potter" and "Twilight" wrap by mid-2012, which means "Percy Jackson" could finally have his time -- if "The Hunger Games" doesn't steal it from him first.

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