J.J. Abrams Teases New 'Super 8' Trailer And 'Star Trek 2' Script

J.J. Abrams, why must you taunt us so? First comes that spectacular, but all too short, "Super 8" teaser trailer which debuted during the Super Bowl, and now there's news of a full trailer, but with no specific details!

MTV News caught up with Abrams at Vanity Fair's post-Oscar bash on Sunday (February 27) and the producer/writer took a page from his own "Lost" playbook by keeping things shrouded in mystery.

"There will be a trailer out pretty soon," Abrams promised, quickly adding that he doesn't "know anything" when it comes to whether or not the trailer would reveal what exactly is going on with Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, and some other concerned-looking citizens.

Still, Abrams -- who revealed last month that the movie is equal parts science fiction, love story, comedy and special-effects spectacle -- left us with some good news about the upcoming trailer: "You'll get more of a flavor of what you're in for this spring."

Of course, just like us, sometimes Abrams too must wait for his highly-anticipated projects. In addition to "Super 8," Abrams is working on "Star Trek 2" as a producer, though his status as the film's director remains unconfirmed. Interestingly enough, even he hasn't had the opportunity to read the sequel's script just yet.

"I can't wait to check it out," he told MTV News about the sequel to the 2009 smash. Abrams revealed he will be getting his hands on the script "very shortly" and discussed what he hopes for and expects from "Star Trek 2."

"The first one was about the characters meeting," he said, "and the sequel's going to have to be more about what they do now that they're a family."

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