'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Introduces Optimus Prime's Big Brother

TransformersThere's a lot you don't know about robots. Like the fact that they have siblings, for example. At least, that's the case in the "Transformers" universe — because when Michael Bay's "Dark of the Moon" rolls into theaters this summer, we'll see a truly prime example of mechanical brotherhood.

Scanned images from the new issue of Empire Magazine have appeared over on TFW2005 revealing Sentinel Prime, described as "a big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime." Looks like our fearless Autobot leader will get some brotherly love when the Decepticons attack in "Dark of the Moon," and we can't wait to see the Primes battling side-by-side.

Get your first look at Sentinel Prime and some other "Dark of the Moon" details past the jump!

Empire's article includes various other tidbits about Bay's third and supposedly final "Transformers" movie, so turn away now if you're trying to avoid minor spoilers.

According to the article, "Dark of the Moon" won't include sand or "dorky humor," marking a decisive departure from the setting and tone of "Revenge of the Fallen." Additionally, expect a fairly sizable robot body count — and when characters die, they're going to stay dead. But before they go to that big junkyard in the sky, the 'bots will receive a strong amount of characterization and back-story, something that was "missed in movie two."

Sentinel Prime is the big addition to the Autobots, but the Decepticons are bolstering their ranks as well. The previously announced Shockwave is joining the fray, as is a Ferrari sporting the undeniably awesome name of Dreadbox. The scale of one of these new Decepticons is "jawdropping," according to the article.

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