Oscars 2011: John Lasseter Reveals 'Cars 2' And 'Planes' Details

If there's a franchise in the Pixar family that's spawned more characters -- and, subsequently, more collectors items -- than "Cars," we'd be hard-pressed to find one.

But when MTV News caught up with Pixar's John Lasseter on the red carpet of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday (February 27), the director of this summer's long-awaited "Cars 2" revealed fans can expect even more from the sequel, as well as a future spin-off.

Lasseter, who served as executive producer on the Oscar-winning "Toy Story 3" and director of the original "Cars," said of the upcoming sequel, "I love the world we've created. It's so big and every vehicle you could possibly see is a character."

"In 'Cars 2' we really expand the world of 'Cars' huge," Lasseter revealed, "Because Lightning McQueen [voiced by Owen Wilson] travels around the world to the World Grand Prix and Mater [Larry the Cable Guy] gets caught up in this big spy conspiracy."

These beloved characters find themselves caught up in international hijinks and are soon joined by "all sorts of cool boats, and planes, and helicopters, and all these different, great vehicles," Lasseter teased. In fact, the addition of all the new characters inspired Lasseter and the Pixar team to create a new world of "not just automobiles, [but] of planes, of boats, of trains." And with that, "Planes" has officially joined the prestigious Pixar family.

Lasseter, who will only be serving as an executive producer on the latest project (newcomer Clay Hall is set to direct), told MTV News: "'Planes' will be a feature film that will be a spin-off of ["Cars 2"], where it's a whole new set of characters that are introduced."

Still, they won't be leaving their "Cars" in the dust for "Planes," as Lasseter promised there would be "a little overlap" of characters for the new animated feature, slated to hit home entertainment platforms in 2013.

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