Oscars 2011: Mila Kunis Isn't Sure About 'Oz The Great And Powerful'

Sorry, "Oz" enthusiasts — Mila Kunis might not be so wicked after all.

The "Black Swan" actress, cruelly absent from the Best Supporting Actress nominees at last night's 83rd Annual Academy Awards, was recently reported as having signed on for "Oz the Great and Powerful," the James Franco-starring and Sam Raimi-directed "Oz" prequel focusing on the charming and conniving "wizard."

But her status on the film is far from official, it seems. When MTV News spoke with Kunis on the red carpet at the Oscars last night, the actress candidly revealed that she's not sure about her trip to "Oz."

"I don't know yet," she told us when we asked her about the "Oz" report. But even though she's not officially on board for the project — indeed, it's entirely possible that the casting won't ever pan out — she did say that she's a big fan of Raimi's. So, the hope is certainly there!

When it comes to Kunis, the big story of the evening has nothing to do with "Oz" or, really, "Black Swan." Kunis made headlines for her stunning Elie Saab dress she wore throughout the evening, but the actress admitted that she nearly wore an entirely different dress altogether.

"This was one of the first dresses I tried on a few months ago, but today it was a toss-up between this dress and another dress, but this dress won," she said. "I just put it on and it felt right. But the other dress was beautiful and stunning. There was no wrong answer."

Do you think Kunis should join "Oz the Great and Powerful," or should she pass on that witch? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!

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