Oscars 2011: Kirk Douglas Leads The Best Quotes Of The Show

You know, what the world really needs is some more Kirk Douglas.

The 94-year-old veteran actor absolutely stole the show at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards last evening (February 27) when he presented the award for Best Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo. Starting every sentence with "you know," hitting on Anne Hathaway, not fully understanding when his role as presenter was finished — really, Douglas was the highlight of an otherwise fairly routine Oscars.

But you know, Douglas wasn't the only one with some hilarious zingers, even if he wins first place in that race. After the jump are some of our other favorite quotes of the evening.

"I'm Banksy."

This stunning revelation from Justin Timberlake was quickly shot down by co-presenter Mila Kunis, but we have to admit, the idea of Timberlake as Banksy is certainly alluring—even though we all know that Banksy is really James Franco.

"Congratulations, Nerds!"

Franco was the more subdued of the two Oscar hosts, but he definitely got a serious chuckle out of me with his goodhearted diss towards the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' Scientific and Technical Awards.

"That's Gross."

Cate Blanchett couldn't conceal her real feelings after watching footage of "The Wolfman's" Oscar-winning makeup effects, and honestly, I can't help thinking that she was referring to the lackluster movie's award-winning status as a whole.

"You Just Got Inceptioned!"

We most certainly did, Alec Baldwin.

"So, Where Was I?"

Billy Crystal's first words upon returning to the Oscars stage to present an eerie digitally reconstructed image of Bob Hope was, to put it lightly, necessary. Seeing Crystal front and center at the Kodak Theater was a bittersweet reminder of the good old days when the Academy Awards were, you know, funny!

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