Oscars 2011: The Movies Blog Team Predicts Tonight's Big Winners

The 83rd Academy Awards get underway in just a few short hours, and although official voting is over, it's never too late to throw out some predictions.

Before the Oscars kick off, the MTV Movies Blog team wanted to share some of our predictions with you. After the jump, check out who we think will win the night's top prizes!


"Christian Bale has this on lock, no contest. He’s nabbed the statuette for this category at almost every other major awards show (and he brilliantly – uncannily – transformed himself into Dicky Eklund for the role). Wholly deserved." -- Katie Calautti, contributing writer

"I’d take a bathroom break during this one, so clear is the outcome, if I weren’t holding out hope Dicky Eklund would once again crash the stage — as he did at the SAGs — and leave Bale sputtering, 'You are trashing my scene!!!'" -- Eric Ditzian, MTV staff writer

"As long as Geoffrey Rush and 'The King's Speech' don't pull off [a sweep], Christian Bale is the most deserving actor in this race." -- Terri Schwartz, contributing writer

"He's been the frontrunner all this time for a reason. Bale was nearly unrecognizable as Dicky Eklund and turned out a gutsy, moving performance." -- Aly Semigran, contributing writer

"Nobody beats Batman. Nobody." -- Josh Wigler, Movies Blog editor

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS — Melissa Leo (3 votes), Hailee Steinfeld (2 votes)

"The buzz turned in favor of Hailee Steinfeld for 'True Grit' since Melissa Leo unveiled a slew of self-funded Oscar 'for your consideration' ads, rumored to have left a bad impression on some voters. Regardless of the controversy, though, Leo deserves it — she's my pick." -- KC

"Guess what? No one besides some puffed-up bloggers and a handful of fusty voters care about Leo's quote-unquote Oscar ad faux pas. Nor will Hailee Steinfeld rise from the split-vote ashes of Academy members dithering between Leo and her 'The Fighter' co-star, Amy Adams. Oh, and Ms. Leo deserves it." -- ED

"It's a bit of a toss-up who'll win Best Supporting Actress, but Hailee Steinfeld's first film performance was extraordinary enough to deserve Oscar gold. Plus she's just so darn cute!" -- TS

"Hailee Steinfeld. Any actress, let alone a 14-year-old making her big-screen debut, that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin — all at the top of their game — deserves this accolade." -- AS

"As happy as a Steinfeld victory would make me, this is Leo's to lose. Her turn as boxing mom Alice Ward was the best performance of any other in this category, no question." -- JW

BEST ACTOR — Colin Firth

"To me, 'The King's Speech' was an average film with two amazing performances. One of them: Colin Firth. Like Bale for Supporting Actor, this category is unquestionable. If Firth hasn't already cleared a space on his mantle, he's the most humble guy in Hollywood." -- KC

"Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you don't think he's actually going to lose, do you?" -- ED

"Firth's portrayal of King George VI was the best acting performance in this category, and it's about time he was recognized by the Academy for his greatness." -- TS

"The Academy adores performances like this. Plus, I think in a lot of voters' eyes, this win makes up for the loss for his arguably much better performance in 2009's 'A Single Man.'" -- AS

"I'd love to see Jeff Bridges win for 'True Grit,' but I'd be just as happy with Firth taking home the gold. No matter how you feel about 'The King's Speech,' there's just no arguing against this powerful performance." -- JW

BEST ACTRESS — Natalie Portman

"Natalie Portman’s rigorous devotion in preparing for her role in 'Black Swan' is matched only by the raw emotion and disturbing, transformative life she breathes into her on-screen character. No other actor this year deserves the accolades more than she does." -- KC

"Annette Bening, don't sweat it, okay? It took freaking Pacino like, 12 tries to finally nab an Oscar, and even then he only won on the strength of a few artfully delivered 'hooahs' rather than, say, telling Fredo about his broken heart. 2011 just happens to be the year Oscar anoints an American-sweetheart-in-waiting for a staggering portrayal of one woman's psychological disintegration." -- ED

"This was hands down the best performance of her career. It's Portman's to lose." -- TS

"A little over-the-top at times? Sure. But Portman's descent into madness, not to mention that extreme physical transformation, was fearless." -- AS

"Léon would be so proud of his little Mathilda." -- JW

BEST DIRECTOR — David Fincher

"In my heart, it would be Darren Aronofsky for 'Black Swan.' But Tom Hooper and David Fincher have battled neck-and-neck all awards season. Fincher's surprise BAFTA win seals it in my mind: Fincher, FTW!" -- KC

"My head tells me Tom Hooper, my heart tells me Fincher. Prattle on all you want about Hooper's important precursor wins, but I can't bring myself to accept that 'The Social Network' will be shut out of the major awards and that the Academy can fail to honor Fincher's storytelling achievements." -- ED

"'The Social Network' easily could have become just 'the Facebook movie' without Fincher at its helm." -- TS

"The masterful Fincher set the pace and the mood that made 'The Social Network' so special. The Winklevoss' race scene alone earns him the gold." -- AS

"It's Fincher's time. Any other result would be fantastically disappointing." -- JW

BEST PICTURE — "The Social Network" (4 votes), "The King's Speech" (1 vote)

"It's a coin-toss between 'The King's Speech' and 'The Social Network,' and I want to see 'The Social Network' land heads up. It's an epic American success story, and every element — directing, script, score, editing, ensemble acting — is pitch-perfect." -- KC

?"I wish this were truly a two-horse race. I wish Oscar would reward a film that, in its exploration of youth and digital beauty, feels very much of the moment, rather than a period drama of a type that could have won Best Picture any year since the end of World War II. Oh well, let’s pour one out for 'Social Network' and applaud, in 'King’s Speech,' a fine film, but hardly the finest of the year, for winning the night’s top honor." -- ED

"'The Social Network.' In every way — popular, critical and enjoyable — this was the best film of the year." -- TS

"I'm banking on 'The Social Network' backlash to backlash just in time for Oscar Sunday because this was the smartest, most definitive and, yes, best picture of all in 2010." -- AS

"There's no question that 'The King's Speech' is deserving of this award, but not this year. Not when 'The Social Network' is in play. If voters are in their right frames of mind, then there's no reason for Fincher's Facebook movie to walk away from the evening without Oscar as its most recently accepted friend." -- JW

Who do YOU think will win the big awards at the Oscars tonight? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!

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