Five Reasons You Need To See 'Drive Angry'

If you're a fan of Nicolas Cage's crazy antics, jaw-dropping violence, fast cars and other assorted forms of purely visceral entertainment, then you have to see "Drive Angry."

Cage stars in Patrick Lussier's hell-driven 3-D revenge flick as John Milton, a bleached-blonde badass with nothing but a focused goal and a bag of guns to his name. Milton is searching for Jonah King (Billy Burke), a dangerous Satan worshipper who murdered his daughter and kidnapped her baby with the intention of sacrificing her to the forces of Hell. Milton's relentless vengeance quest is assisted by the beautiful and tough-as-nails Piper (Amber Heard) and hindered by The Accountant (William Fichtner), one of the devil's closest advisors.

For adrenaline junkies and Cage enthusiasts, "Drive Angry" is a must-see. Period, end of discussion, no excuses. But if you need further convincing, click past the jump for five reasons you need to see this film.

The Tone

"Drive Angry" knows what it is, and what it is is a pedal-to-the-metal, blood-pumping, camp-filled thrill ride that doesn't let up from the opening monologue all the way to the finish line. Zippy one-liners, fantastically over-the-top violence and flat-out impossible feats are accomplished left and right, all while winking and nudging the audience along the way. You will have fun with this movie, and just as importantly, this movie will have fun with you.

Crazy Cage

Some moviegoers felt disappointed that Cage didn't bring his signature brand of craziness to this year's "Season of the Witch," but perhaps he was just saving it all for "Drive Angry." Make no mistake, this is crazy Cage at his finest. Think "Con Air," "Face/Off," "Bad Lieutenant," "Ghost Rider" and "Wicker Man" rolled into one anti-heroic package, and you've got John Milton. It's a great character for the veteran actor, one that I hope we'll see more of in the very near future.

Fichtner, Heard And Burke

Cage owns this movie, but his co-stars almost steal the show right out from under him. Fichtner revels in the role of The Accountant, slurping up scenery and spitting out fiery hilarity at every beat. Heard delivers a shockingly strong performance as Piper, immediately taking her place as one of modern cinema's top female badasses. Burke, too, offers a surprising turn as the deathly delusional King: "Twilight" fans, this is not Charlie Swan.

The 3-D

Patrick Lussier deserves a big box of chocolates and a seven-day cruise to a tropical location of his choosing for his work on "Drive Angry," particularly his use of 3-D. Even though the technology is all the rage in Hollywood these days, not every director understands how to use it properly. Trust me, Lussier gets it. Saying anything more would be saying too much — just watch and see for yourself, and we'll have more on the subject in the coming days.

The Universe

No, "Drive Angry" is not an especially deep movie; that's not what it's striving for. But there is nonetheless a rich world filled with deadly cults, brutalizing dead men and even sympathetic devils at play here. It's a wonderful world to spend two hours in, and one we hope to explore even further in a "Drive Angry" sequel. The possibilities are literally endless for the continuing adventures of John Milton.

Have you seen "Drive Angry" yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Go see it today, then come back to the comments section and Twitter to tell us what you thought!